The S&P Trader

The S&P Trader is Larry Benedict’s advanced trading advisory, focusing on trading just one ticker – The S&P 500 Index (SPX) – using a vertical spread options strategy.

As part of the service, Larry offers a 7-part video training series to show traders how to effectively use spreads to limit their risk and increase their odds of success. Traders will also learn options fundamentals, how to identify trade setups, how to trade during quadruple witching weeks, and the ins and outs of trading index options.

With a new trade alert once per week on average, subscribers of The S&P Trader have consistent opportunities to profit from the market using a reduced-risk, high-upside method.

Publication’s Expert

Larry Benedict is a 35-year trading veteran. Starting from the pits at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Larry’s skills grew along with his wealth until he was running a world-class hedge fund – where he regularly traded position sizes in the millions of dollars.

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