Eric Shamilov

Why We Pay Attention When Momentum Breaks Down

Momentum as a factor is useful for the market intelligence it offers…

We Trade Factors, Not Stocks

People don’t really trade stocks, rates, or commodities. We trade these factors…

The Bond Market Is Setting Up a Contrarian Trade

The yield curve is back to the most inverted levels we’ve seen since the SVB fallout.

Why the Fed Should Already Be Cutting Rates

To understand why the Fed should probably be already lowering rates, let’s take a look at real estate...

Opportunity Amid the Myopia

Markets go through episodes of myopia from time to time.

The Biggest Piece of the Bull Case May Be Unraveling

This recession indicator sent out a warning in 2000 and 2008. And it’s flashing again now…

The Fed’s “Last Kiss”

As the banking crisis grows, the fed funds rate is showing not just a pause, but a U-turn.

A Tectonic Shift in the Markets Is Underway

The market has been undergoing an extremely bearish rotation despite the indexes being flat on the month.