In 2017, you couldn’t escape Bitcoin if you tried…

Over that year, it soared over 2,000% from $900 to $19,000. That kicked off a frenzy that introduced the world to cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin commentary began to move from online forums to the front page of major newspapers.

Late-night shows began joking about Bitcoin. You couldn’t throw a stone without hitting someone whose brother’s friend’s sister-in-law became a Bitcoin millionaire.

Could most people even explain what Bitcoin was? No. But the novelty was hot, and those daring enough to jump in were making money.

Then as quickly as Bitcoin rose… It came crashing down.

Rumors began to swirl that South Korea, China, and other Asian nations were considering banning crypto trading.

That kicked off an epic slide that took Bitcoin down by 83%.

For those who took a beating in that crash, the shock has probably never worn off.

But if you saw what I did, you would’ve known what to expect…

Look Out Below

One thing you should know about me is that I’m old school, and I control risk closely.

It’s that habit that led my clients to pocket $95 million in profits during the 2008–09 crisis – while the S&P 500 cratered 37%.

It’s also why Jack Schwager featured me in his book Hedge Fund Market Wizards among experts like Ray Dalio and Joel Greenblatt.

When I studied Bitcoin as a potential asset to trade, there was little to convince me that I should be throwing my money at it.

It lacked regulation that made other assets less vulnerable to fraud and manipulation.

It involved complicated wallets and risky exchanges.

And it was also just flat-out confusing to understand.

But the thing that gave me the most pause was its volatility.

Take a look at the chart below. It shows the full drawdown Bitcoin has suffered in each year it has existed.


That’s tough to swallow. Year in and year out, Bitcoin has experienced brutal drawdowns.

Bitcoin is once again rallying this year. The crypto is up 68% since January. But the repeated pulldowns shown in the chart above should make you cautious.

Exuberance can vanish abruptly. And many people have felt the pain when it does.

So despite the incredible gains I could’ve made had I bought Bitcoin when I first encountered it, I never did.

It would’ve caused me to go against my principles of risk management – a cornerstone of my career.

Yet that hasn’t stopped me from looking for a better way to profit from Bitcoin.

In fact, I’ve found a way to book profits in the crypto space quickly and consistently. And without suffering from the intense swings you see above.

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Incredible Gains, Less Risk

It’s called “Bitcoin Streaming.” And it allows you to look for opportunities in cryptocurrency markets without actually having to buy crypto.

That means no fancy passwords, hard drives, or accounts on special exchanges. And no worry about a drawdown leaving you licking your wounds.

Bitcoin Streaming is possible with a normal brokerage account that you use to do all of your other investing and trading.

As I mentioned above, the hallmark of my trading style is tightly controlling the risk in any trade I do.

The fact that you could earn double or triple the gain that Bitcoin can offer you with clearly defined risk is remarkable.

During Bitcoin Streaming windows, I’ve found ways to book an 87% gain when the crypto itself only rose 13.5%.

I’ve also profited when Bitcoin takes a quick fall, like when I made 72.3% as Bitcoin itself fell by 19%.

If you’re looking for ways to book incredible gains off Bitcoin without the risk associated with it, then this is the way to do it.

So if you’d like to learn how it all works, I’ve put together a briefing that will explain everything. That includes my favorite tickers to use with this strategy – and more.

Tune in here to see for yourself.


Larry Benedict
Editor, Trading With Larry Benedict